Songwriter/ producer Liam Wade got his start in classical music. He’s even got an opera about Oktoberfest that plays every year at the Dresden Opera.

Rooted in country music, his songs pack a heavy dose of comedy. Country music fans and stoners alike won’t be disappointed. He’s currently releasing several singles with Zappa Plays Zappa singer, Ben Thomas. Their first three releases, TEXAS WALMART, TACO TUESDAY, and NO SHOWER HAPPY HOUR are available on Spotify, YouTube, and all other streaming services.

He’s played bass in a bunch of rock and country bands, and has worked with a number of classical artists including The Hausmann Quartet, The Atlanta Opera, and Opera on Tap. He worked with Producer Leslie Ann Jones on two full length albums for soprano Ann Moss at Skywalker Sound.

His new rock/ country music inspired opera about professional wrestling, Bread and Circuses, co-written with Charles Ogilvie, is currently in development and is sponsered by the Arts Council of England.

Liam hosts a podcast called Composers Gone Wild: The Liam Wade Podcast. It is a free form, casual conversation with friends and guests. Topics are usually musical, but can range as far as the mind can wonder/ wander. Composers Gone Wild is currently available in both video and audio formats. He also hosts a music show, Cult Classics in Music, on Spotify, where he highlights unusual, cult-worthy bandsand artists.

Official Liam Wade website

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Official Liam Wade website